Challenge Worldwide Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd
17-1, Jalan OP 1/6,
Off Jalan Puchong,
One Puchong Business Centre,
47160 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.


ARS06-1 Foldable Table with Parasol

ARS15-1 Foldable Beach Chair

ARS04-1 Display Stand

ARS11-1 Standee

AP01-1 Apron

AP02-3 Apron

AP02-2 Apron

AP02-1 Apron

BPS04-10 Document Bag

BPS04-9 Document Bag

BPS04-8 Document Bag

BPS20-4 Trolley Luggage

CS01-3 Car Boot Organiser

CS05-1 Head Rest Cushion

CS02-1 Car Sticker

CS03-2 Dual USB Car Charger

DU25-5 Stress Ball

DU25-2 Stress Ball

DU25-1 Stress Ball

DU06-1 Cup Lid

DW05-14 Water Bottle

DW05-4 Water Bottle

DW05-29 Water Bottle

DW05-28 Water Bottle

EFS01-11 Canvas Bag

EFS08-9 Recylced Pen

EFS06-2 Recycled Bag

EFS06-1 Recycled Bag

FS06-10 Shaker

FS09-2 Measurement Tape

FS06-9 Shaker

FS06-8 Shaker

GS01-1 Golf Ball

GS02-1 Golf Visor

GS03-1 Trolley Golf Pen Holder

GS03-2 Golf Pen Holder

IT18-1 Bluetooth Mini Speaker

IT10-MP2008 Power Bank

IT10-MP2219 Power Bank

IT10-MP4004 Power Bank

KH01-6 Key Holder

KH04-5 Key Holder

KH01-5 Key Holder

KH01-4 Key Holder

KS02-2 Kids Speeder Scooter

KS02-1 Kids Scooter

KS01-4 Coin Box

KS01-3 Coin Box

LS12-3 Wallet

LS07-4 Passport Holder

LS07-3 Passport Holder

LS14-4 Name Card Tag

MC04-1 Facial Set

MC08-2 Soft Toy

MC09-1 Wrist Rest

MC12-1 Bounce Ball

MPS01-12 Phone Stand

MPS01-11 Universal Mobile Tablet Stand

MPS01-10 Mobile Phone Stand

MPS01-9 Mobile Phone Series

PE15-3 Wristband

PE15-2 Wristband

PE09-2 Banner Flag

PE10 Lanyard

PS08-1 Leaflet

PS06-1 Booklet

PS05-1 Wrapping Paper

PS04-1 Restick Notes

PPS03-2 Metal Box

PPS04-8 Pen Casing

PPS02-3 Pouches

PPS04-7 Pen Casing

SC01-1 Screw Caps / Spouts

SC01-1 Screw Caps / Spouts


ST23-5 Zipper Folder

ST08-22 Memo Pad

ST08-21 Memo Pad

ST08-20 Memo Pad

TSU09-3 Windbreaker

TSU01-CI09 Collar

TSU01-CI08 Collar

TSU01-CI06 Collar

IT10-MP8001 Power Bank

IT10-MP2008 Power Bank

IT10-MP2219 Power Bank

IT10-MP4004 Power Bank

CT04-5 Hanging Medal

CT04-4 Hanging Medal

CT04-3 Hanging Medal

CT04-2 Hanging Medal

US06-1 Folded Umbrella

US01-1 Folded Umbrella 2 Fold / 3 Fold

US05-1 Fashion Umbrella

US04-1 Bottle Umbrella

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