Challenge Worldwide Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd
17-1, Jalan OP 1/6,
Off Jalan Puchong,
One Puchong Business Centre,
47160 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Premium Gifts

Foldable Table with Parasol (AFT001)

Advertising Banner (AAB001)

Foldable Beach Chair (AFB001)

Display Stand (ADS001)

Non Woven Bag (BNW010)

Non Woven Bag (BNW009)

Foldable Travelling Bag (BFB012)

Waterproof Dry Bag (5L) (B001)

DU25-5 Stress Ball

DU25-2 Stress Ball

DU25-1 Stress Ball

DU06-1 Cup Lid

DW05-14 Water Bottle

DW05-4 Water Bottle

DW05-29 Water Bottle

DW05-28 Water Bottle

EFS01-11 Canvas Bag

EFS08-9 Recylced Pen

EFS06-2 Recycled Bag

EFS06-1 Recycled Bag

FS06-10 Shaker

FS09-2 Measurement Tape

FS06-9 Shaker

FS06-8 Shaker

Cutlery Set (HCS002)

Lunch Box (HLB005)

Lunch Box (HLB004)

Lunch Box (HLB003)

IT18-1 Bluetooth Mini Speaker

IT10-MP2008 Power Bank

IT10-MP2219 Power Bank

IT10-MP4004 Power Bank

Key Holder (KH001)

Key Holder (KH002)

Key Holder (KH014)

Key Holder (KH013)

MC04-1 Facial Set

MC08-2 Soft Toy

MC09-1 Wrist Rest

MC12-1 Bounce Ball

PE15-3 Wristband

PE15-2 Wristband

PE09-2 Banner Flag

PE10 Lanyard

PS08-1 Leaflet

PS06-1 Booklet

PS05-1 Wrapping Paper

PS04-1 Restick Notes

100% Cotton Pouch (PP018)

PU Round Box (PP017)

PU Square Box (PP016)

Organza Gift Bag (PP015)

LS12-3 Wallet

LS07-4 Passport Holder

LS07-3 Passport Holder

LS14-4 Name Card Tag

SC01-1 Screw Caps / Spouts

SC01-1 Screw Caps / Spouts


Stylus with LED Light Ball Pen (SMP011)

Ball Pen with Smartphone Stand (SMP010)

Stylus Ball Pen (SMP009)

Metal Pen (SMP013)

TSU09-3 Windbreaker

TSU01-CI09 Collar

TSU01-CI08 Collar

TSU01-CI06 Collar

IT10-MP8001 Power Bank

IT10-MP2008 Power Bank

IT10-MP2219 Power Bank

IT10-MP4004 Power Bank

CT04-5 Hanging Medal

CT04-4 Hanging Medal

CT04-3 Hanging Medal

CT04-2 Hanging Medal

21" Tri Fold Umbrellas (U005)

2/3 Fold Golf Umbrellas (U004)

Inverted Umbrellas (U001)

Golf Umbrellas (U002)

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