Challenge Worldwide Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd
17-1, Jalan OP 1/6,
Off Jalan Puchong,
One Puchong Business Centre,
47160 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.


ST01-2 A4 Folder

ST-01 A4 Folder


ST02-27 Ball Pen

ST02-26 Ball Pen

ST02-25 Ball Pen

ST02-24 Ball Pen

ST03-2 Bookmark

ST03-1 Bookmark


ST04-3 Graduation Scroll

ST04-2 Certificate Folder

ST04-1 Certificate Folder


ST05-1 Clip Board


ST24-3 Crystal Metal Pen

ST24-2 Crystal Metal Pen

ST24-1 Crystal Metal Pen


ST06-6 Highlighter

ST06-5 Highlighter

ST06-4 Highlighter

ST06-3 Hightlighter

ST07-5 Memo Box

ST07-4 Memo Box

ST07-3 Memo Box

ST07-2 Memo Box

ST08-22 Memo Pad

ST08-21 Memo Pad

ST08-20 Memo Pad

ST08-19 Memo Pad

Metal Pen (SMP013)

Metal Pen (SMP012)

Metal Pen (SMP011)

Metal Pen (SMP010)

ST09-1 Mousepad


Stylus with LED Light Ball Pen (SMP011)

Ball Pen with Smartphone Stand (SMP010)

Stylus Ball Pen (SMP009)

Multi Colour Pen Set (SMP008)

ST14-11 Name Card Holder

ST14-10 Name Card Holder

ST14-9 Name Card Holder

ST14-7 Name Card Holder

ST14-1 Paper Clip


ST15-2 Pen Holder

ST15-1 Pen Holder


ST19-4 Mechanical Pencil

ST19-3 Mechanical Pencil

ST19-2 Pencil

ST19-1 Pencil

ST16-6 Pencil Case

ST16-5 Pencil Case

ST16-4 Pencil Case Set

ST16-3 Pencil Case Set

ST17-4 Plastic Card Holder

ST17-3 Plastic Card Holder

ST17-2 Plastic Card Holder

ST17-1 Plastic Card Holder

PS04-1 Restick Note


ST21-2 Ruler

ST21-1 Ruler


ST22-1 Stapler


DU25-5 Stress Ball

DU25-4 Stress Ball

DU25-3 Stress Ball

DU25-2 Stress Ball

ST23-5 Zipper Folder

ST23-4 Zipper Folder

ST23-3 Zipper Folder

ST23-2 Zipper Folder

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