Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping is a printing technique that involves applying heat and pressure to transfer a foil or pre-dried ink onto a surface, creating a shiny and metallic finish.

Information Customers Need to Provide:
  1. Design Files: Provide digital files of the desired design or pattern.
  2. Color and Foil Selection: Specify the desired colors.
  3. Hot Stamping Materials: Supply the materials to be hot stamped, such as paper, cards, or packaging materials.

General Steps:
  1. Foil Roll Installation: Load the chosen color or foil onto the foil roll of the printing machine.
  2. Plate Preparation: Prepare a metal plate with the design or text, then install it on the machine along with the foil roll.
  3. Heating the Plate: Heat the plate to make it adaptable to the high temperature during the printing process.
  4. Printing: Press the plate with the foil roll onto the material to be stamped, applying pressure and heat to transfer the foil or ink onto the material's surface.
  5. Cooling and Curing: After printing, allow the stamped item to cool and cure, ensuring the foil or ink adheres firmly to the material.
  6. Inspection and Packaging: Inspect the stamped items to ensure quality compliance, and then proceed with appropriate packaging.

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